52 weeks

Today is the 5th of August 2014 which means it has been exactly 52 weeks since I received my Advanced Higher exam results and found out that I had in fact met my conditional offer to read Geography at Newnham College.

To say I was pessimistic regarding my chances of even being made an offer to study at Cambridge is entirely accurate; a Scottish girl whose parents were the first (and only) members of her entire family to go to university, who came from a (lovely) school with no Oxbridge experience and was not currently studying ¬†Geography at school. Basically I thought applying was a shot in the dark but nearly two years after applying (where on earth has that time gone?) I’m nearing the start of my second year and can’t imagine being anywhere else (though there are times I wish I was…).

The point of this post is really just to remind myself that despite Cambridge being maddening at times it really has become home in a way and that applying was one of the bravest and best decisions I have made so far in my 19/20 years.


Introducing Me…



My name is Charlotte, a 19 year old Scottish girl (please don’t ask me how I’m voting) who is a month into her summer holidays after completing her first year of reading Geography at the University of Cambridge. Having made several attempts to foray into blogging I decided it was about time I attempted to start one as a way to document the remaining two years of my undergraduate degree, rather than the tumblr text posts I used to rant about friends, family and stress over the course of the last year. I’m also using it as driving force to write more and utilise my camera whilst away at uni, though this does not mean that these posts will be limited to rambles related to university but will also feature travel, food and reviews of music, films and books.




This has been my home for the last year and isn’t it absolutely stunning….